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The Corrocool

The Corrocool is a highly versatile and extremely fast sanitary cooling vessel. Available in a range of sizes from 200 to 2000 Litres. Using a simple patented cooling technique, it can decrease the time taken to cool products to the time it takes to heat them, whilst still preserving the taste and colour of the most delicate of substances. If you would like a demonstration of its abilities try one of our test pans.

Cooling devices such as blast freezers, vacuum cooling, spiral flow tubular heat exchangers etc., have their disadvantages for batch production such as product damage to colour or taste, the necessity of using open trays, difficulty in cleaning, etc.

The CORROCOOL was designed to address these problems directly, leading to the patenting of a very obviously simple yet unique cooling method. It involves the use of a conventional style vessel and then increasing the heat exchange surface, therefore significantly increasing the surface-to- volume ratio thus permitting a strict cook cool regime on a timed cyclic basis.

It gives full retention of flavours and volatiles.

The following describes the main advantages of the Corrocool over conventional cooling methods.

1. Large internal vessel surface area

2. Large increase in surface area to volume ratio

3. Heat transfer greatly increased

4. Delicate, thorough and uniform cooling

5. Preservation of pressure sensitive products

6. Variable speed, scraped surface agitation

7. Fully insulated vessel wall


The CORROCOOL vessel has a completely insulated vessel wall and whilst being available in modular form to accommodate 100 - 1500 litres, the diameter is variable from 500 - 1500 mm. Internal working pressure can be atmospheric to 1 bar and full vac.

Times recorded cooling all products, from sauces to heavy particulates, from 95C to 4C are between 30 and 40 minutes.

The cooling cycle is achieved using Glycol as the cooling medium and can be integrated with towns mains or cooling tower water, again to reduce thermal shock at the top end of the scale and reduce the chiller peak loading.

The CORROCOOL vessel is fitted with a slow variable speed scraped surface agitation to minimise product damage and allow a continuous movement of warm product over the cooling surface for heat exchange efficiency.

The scraper arm can be easily removed for cleaning, if necessary, or left on-site and a cleaning arm equipped with spray heads can be slipped on which permits the lid to be closed and C.I.P. to be fed through the shaft drive arm and spray whilst washing the inner surfaces thoroughly, to cater for all sanitary aspects. The lid is fitted with an air-operated cylinder or gas strut.


Pressure/Vacuum Facility

The CORROCOOL vessel can also be used to self-load from atmospheric cooking vessels via a vacuum trap and minimum sized vacuum pump.

The CORROCOOL can be used to pressure discharge the product, eliminating the need for a mechanical transfer pump and thereby minimising damage to the product. Being portable, the product can be discharged into the production fill line or depositor without transfer to another container, or chilled materials can be emptied into a portable container, which can be stored in a cold store if required for eventual use.

Sanitary Aspects

With ever-increasingly stringent health and hygiene controls, this system could, in the future, be easily adapted to aseptic operation .

European Standards

The CORROCOOL vessel is constructed to European standards and Codes of Practise. Further case histories and details are available on request.