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Plough Share Blender

Ideal for many blending duties including granulating, conditioning and refining.

The plough share is a versatile blender suitable for all powder bleding duties. Operating under pressure vacuum or atmospheric conditions and manufactured to a range of sizes from 150 to 1000 litres.

General Uses:

1. Blending solids with solids

2. Blending solids with liquids

3. Moisturising

4. Conditioning

5. Mixing

7. Refining

8. Sterilizing


. Totally enclosed vessel

. Fully opening end gives access for cleaning and maintenance

. Fully jacketed if required

. Pressure vacuum or atmospheric

. Sanitary appliance

. Variable speed drive

. Liquid injector spray technique

. Different types of discharge valves

. Fitted multichoppers as required

. Suitable for batch or continuous

. C.I.P. connected