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The Euromix

The Euromix is an improved version of the 'Z' Blade mixer, ideal for handling the blending of viscous products such as dough and pastes. The tilting trough shape allows for easy discharge of thick products and the specially designed blades give a uniform blend.

1. All stainless steel construction
2. Stainless steel specially shaped Z Blades
3. Hydraulic tipping Gear
4. Helical Gears
5. Excellent Blending
6. High standard of cleanliness
7. Convenient to operate
8. Accessible for maintenance

The following list gives some examples of the type of viscous products which can be processed:

.Biscuit Dough
.Butter (at low temp)
.Rubber based mastic

Features and Extras:

Very rigid construction of the Euromix special shape in all stainless steel. A raised extension is available to give a deeper pan if required.

Can be supplied with hot/cold water or steam jacket to suit the application.

Incorporates special seals and lid with or without jacket, to eliminate batch air entertainment and increase product integrity.

Cast stainless steel with stainless spindles. The shape and throw has been evolved to suit the blending of dough, paste, powders and granules etc.

Smooth external surfaces with no dirt pockets. Trapped roller races, grease lubricated. Ample dimensions for heavy duty and long life.

All stainless steel construction in plate and tube. Light but very rigid.

Mechanical seals or packed glands are available for the mixer spindle.

A ram at each end raises and lowers the pan. Oil is fed to them from a motor driven pump unit housed under the motor cover. When the pan reaches the required position a relief valve bypasses the oil to the sump. An internal spring in the ram acts as a buffer. All working parts are made in stainless steel. No danger can be done by "over-run".

Standard drive is by vee ropes.

A cover encloses the main vee rope drive. This gives complete protection and is light to remove, giving clear access for inspection and maintenance.