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Aromatic Oil Extractor

This piece of equipment uses a unique process of solvent extraction at ambient temperatures and low pressure to extract fine aromatic oils from a vast range of plant raw-materials. The quality of the natural extracted oils is unsurpassed and higher yields are consistently obtained.


The revolutionary extraction process offers:

  1. Enhanced product quality,

  2. in higher yields,

  3. at low pressures and temperatures.


The process is used to extract a vast range of raw materials, yielding an exquisite range of fine, natural plant extracts, which are setting new standards for quality, purity and freshness.

  • Exquisite natural Fragrant Floral Oils of unsurpassed quality prepared from a wide range of fresh flowers and herbs.
  • Superb food grade Flavour Oils and Oleo Resins from roots, bark, leaves, buds, fruit, seeds etc. from prime quality raw materials from every corner of the globe.
  • Approved for use in food flavouring by the European Commission.
  • Excellent Pharmaceutical Grade extracts, medical botanicals, pharmacologically active intermediates and anti-biotics from all manner of plant material including fungi, moulds, algae, lichen, mycelial cultures and media etc.

Some of the raw materials include:

- Yew Needles and Bark (for "Taxol") - Ginger Flowers - Blue cheese
- Palm Fruits (for "Sitosterol") - Black Pepper - Chocolate
- Feverfew (for "Parthenolides") - Black Tea - Butter
- Cactus Flowers (for insect repellant) - Meadow Sweet - Taxol/Taxaine
- St. John's Wort (for "Hypericin") - Mogra - Tonka beans
- Turmeric (Fingers and Potatoes) - Cistus Labdaniferus - Coffee
- Coriander Seed and Herb - Cinnamon - Cocoa
- Melissa - Vanilla - Papaya
- Clary Sage - Ginger Root - Pyrethrum
- Angelica - Cumin Seed - Ginseng
- Narcissus - Jasmine - Serenoa Repens
- Hyacinth - Sage - Ambrette Seed
- Artemissia absinthum - Aloes Wood - Frankinsense
- Artemissia anva - Roses - Myrrh
- Sandal Wood - Bog myrtle - Opopanax
- Dill - Fennel seed - Paprika
- Freesia - Red Thyme - Dalia Spinosa
- Elder Flowers - Origanum - ... and many more
- Orange Blossom - Dalmatian Sage -

All these products have been prepared:

  • without heat damage (at ambient temperatures throughout)
  • without exposure to vacuum stripping
  • without loss of quality or fragile/delicate components
  • without being exposed to acidic gases or oxygen
  • without the need for alcohol refinement


  • 2x200 litre and 2x400 litre equipment readily available
  • a "turn-key" package, skid mounted (mobile)
  • ready to operate - fill with biomass at source
  • specially blended non flammable solvent is used to extract under minimal pressure ie. 6 BarG at ambient temperature
  • requires only a small electrical supply and can operate from a small generator
  • without any environmental damage
  • does not need a water supply
  • simple to operate, easy to clean
  • does not require highly qualified operators
  • non-hazardous, robust and simple to maintain
  • low energy and labour cost
  • solvent is fully-recyclable, benign and ozone friendly
  • no limit as to scale/size/capacity - custom built to clients specification
  • very low solvent residues