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Still / Concentrator ...Jacketed tilt pan

This particular vessel is designed specifically for the boiling of herbs and similar products. It also gives excellent performance at essential oil extraction. Its unique tilting mechanism preserves high quality products whilst enabling easy emptying into another vessel.


  1. Purpose built to customer's specification from 50 to 5000 Litres

  2. Built to blend under atmospheric or vacuum conditions

  3. Designed to the highest quality to process high quality products

  4. The scraped wall anchor stirrer remains in the pan, driven by an automatic meshing coupling


  • Special drive coupling allows the stirrer to remain in the pan while pouring off the top liquid
  • Full automatic tilting facility for Biomass emptying and cleaning
  • Removable agitator to allow baskets for biomass to be used
  • Front pan pivot allowing constant lip height for pouring into high containers
  • Lid lift and pan tilt by hydraulic joystick control
  • Vacuum boiling with condensed vapour collected as liquid, via a separate condensate unit
  • Atmospheric operation with automatic lid lift via auto engage, split coupling
  • Jacket can be used for steam or thermal oil at 100 PSIG or 6.68 BarG
  • Condenser can be fitted to collect vapour as liquid